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Authentic Tijuana tacos since 1996.

The Original Tacos El Franc

Quality ingredients. Exceptional taste.

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Not Just Any Tacos

At Tacos El Franc, we take great care in the preparation of our food. Everything must be ‘just right’ before it reaches your plate.

Tacos El Franc AdobadaWe serve a traditional menu of Tijuana tacos, along with quesadillas, mulitas, and various sides. Our menu is actually not much different from other taco shops throughout Tijuana. The difference between us and our competitors lies in the quality of our food. We prepare everything methodically in order to satisfy our high standards. When you come eat here, you can expect the same consistent quality time after time.

A Brief History

Though Tacos El Franc has only been around since 1996, our tacos go back much further in history, all the way to the early 80’s. That’s when the founder, my dad, set up his first taco stand by a busy Tijuana boulevard. It was a nondescript taco stand, devoid of any fancy signs, graphic art, or other embellishments.

It was a struggle at first. There seemed to be a taco stand on every other corner throughout the city. Even worse, my dad was offering tacos that did not taste much different from his competitors. People had no incentive for picking his stand over many others nearby. That’s when my dad had a simple but great idea- he would tinker with the preparation until he could not make the tacos taste any better.

Little by little, my dad began perfecting all his ingredients, from the carne asada, to the tortillas, to the salsas, to the guacamole. He left no stone unturned. He didn’t stop until he felt he could not make things taste any better. Needless to say, it was well worth the effort. Before long, the public had caught on, and his popularity began to surge. His taco stand became one of the most popular in all Tijuana, and the rest is history.

Present Day

Today, Tacos El Franc stands among Tijuana’s most popular taquerias. Monday through Saturday, one can find throngs of people gathered to experience our delicious tacos. Our popularity extends from Tijuana to San Diego, and we are even known by many all the way in Los Angeles. The taco shop became so well known, that it receives mention in popular publications like the San Diego Reader and the Los Angeles Times, not to mention several others.

We beckon you to come enjoy our tasty Tijuana tacos. There is something for everyone. Meat lovers can choose from mouthwatering carne asada, sizzling adobada, delectable suadero, and tender cabeza. We also offer crispy tripa, lengua, and chorizo. Not so much into meat? Not a problem! You can try one of our vegetarian tacos, with all the works minus the meat. They are just as delicious as regular tacos. In addition, we serve quesadillas, mulitas, vasos de frijol, and various sides. Complement your meal with our strong selection of refreshments including Mexican Coca Cola, Fanta, Pepsi, Sangria, and more! Ready to experience taco heaven? Come pay us a visit today!

Best Regards,
Juan M Valadez | Founder’s Son

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We also offer quesadillas, mulitas, various sides, refreshments, and more!

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